March 27, 2020 - Too

Scripture: Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

When I woke up this morning, I was excited to be awake and in the land of the living. It is Friday and I knew within my mind that it is Friday, so I became even more excited because I was in my right mind.   I looked at my hands and they looked new. I looked at my feet and they did too. I inhaled and exhaled and that felt good too. I looked at my wife and she looked good and she was breathing too. I went to my daughter's room and she was texting, wide awake and active too. I checked my temperature and that was normal too. I called my sister and she was awake and cheerful too. I called my brothers and they were up and at it, looking for things to do, too. I know today you are glad my brothers and sisters in Christ to be awake too. I looked in the refrigerator and there was enough food for two, too.  I looked in the freezer and there was enough food to get us through. I called my dear friend in Potecasi, North Carolina and he was laughing, joking, delivering meals on wheels and breathing too. A church member whose mom had passed last week, called me to let me know they were alright too. I called a church member whose husband had just died and she said, "I am alright too." I got on my exercise bike and that was working too. One of the church members who works for FEMA was exhausted, but glad to be home with family too. I spoke to the chairperson of church finance and she was awake and concerned about the finances of the church too. I opened the front door and there was my dog who was excited to be at a home that loved him too. Sometimes my brothers and sisters in Christ, God is too good to be true.

"He is good! His faithful love endures forever!" 2 Chronicles 7:3

On this last day of the work week, may we be reminded that God is still good and there is so much to give Him thanks for. Even though we are in a crisis as a nation, we must continue to pray for healing throughout this nation and the world.

There are three things God wants us to do at all times, in all circumstances—rejoice, pray and give thanks. These are three secret ingredients for a joy filled life.

Let me give an explanation because I am sure many are asking, "is this a time to rejoice?"

The joy Paul reference is rooted in our relationship with God and not our circumstances. If we rejoice and pray, gratitude will automatically follow. This does not mean you are thankful for every situation, yet there is something we can acknowledge that is good and give God thanks for it. God does not expect for us to give thanks because we are out of work, children out of school, people dying from covid-19, locked in, quarantined, etc. Yet, He gives us reasons to be thankful even in the midst of difficult times.

I admonish you my brothers and sisters to continue praying without ceasing, rejoicing in the Lord, and giving thanks for His goodness!             

Not a sermon, just a thought!

Your next brief message will come to you on Monday, March 30, 2020.

Robert Earl Slade, Pastor