May 27, 2020 - Surprises

When I woke up this morning I thought of all the surprises my family and I have received during this season of covid-19. Do you hear people from time to time say, "I don't like surprises?" Well, in my opinion I would venture to say that most people love surprises. Just imagine the excitement and joy of having someone do something for you unexpectedly, even if it is something very small. I thought about the many surprises we have received, mostly positive ones over the last few months. How exciting is it to have a family member or friend drop by unexpectedly with mask and gloves on to simply say, "Hello and consider this a drive through visit." Just imagine getting a telephone call from someone you have not heard from in years and they share with you how you impacted their life in such a positive way. Can you imagine waking up one morning and all types of supplies are on your porch received from neighbors and friends? It is a surprise to find out that the neighbor you thought was so grumpy reveals her true loving character. It is a surprise to get a gift in the mail from a person you least expected to receive one from.  It is a surprise to have so many people during this pandemic join in worship, prayer service or Bible Study through zoom, you tube, or face book, teleconferencing, etc. It is surprising to get a text message from a young person at 2:00 a.m. who thinks you helped mold them into who they are today. It has been surprising to have so many persons offer their services, time and even finances to persons who might be in need. It is surprising there have been a limited number of emergency calls during covid-19. Just in conversation with my daughter, I said, "The cleaners has been closed for months and I haven't been able to have my shirts laundered" but behold shirts showed up on the UPS truck. Surprise! I was surprised to get a refund check from GEICO Insurance since the use of vehicles has been limited. I was surprised to receive a credit card payment that was less than I had ever received.  

Now, do you like surprises? Especially those that are unexpected and practical. Try to surprise someone today and make a difference in their life. The rose bushes in the yard are so beautiful this year, so I decided I would surprise my wife with a bouquet of flowers two or three times a week. She loves the surprise.

The story of Saul being on the Damascus road is one of the great surprises in the bible. Just imagine Saul persecuting the church, murdering believers, etc. yet he is surprised by a visit from Jesus. (Acts 9) Ananias is surprised that he is called to lay hands on a blind Saul and welcome him into the community of believers. The surprise is the radical change that Saul witnessed in his life. He went from being a fanatic in opposing Christianity to becoming a slave for Christ. Read Acts chapter 9 and 10 for more surprises.

Surprise someone this week with an invitation to accept Jesus as their Savior. God is full of surprises.

Not a sermon, just a thought!

Robert Earl Slade, Pastor