Marriage Ministry




DECLARED PURPOSE OF THE MINISTRY – "To provide a ministry focused on

married persons and couples as they grow in God's truth and love with Him

and one another." Noting: Marriage is a ministry. While improving this

relationship, it will improve the family and community, at large.


DECLARED MISSION OF THE MINISTRY – "To see relationships strengthened

by God's love, purposeful in accountability and commitment as a community of

couples led by God, while promoting love, peace and joy in fellowship with one

another as the journey together in God's truth and His unfailing love."


DECLARED CORE OF THE MINISTRY – "To enrich the relationship of

marriage with Holy Spirit's help and guide."


DECLARED OBJECTIVE OF THE MINISTRY – "To provide Christ-centered

events (i.e., recreational, activities, workshops, etc.) and occasions for the

purpose of enrichening the relationships towards spiritual healthiness."


DISCLAIMER: This ministry is not a platform for counseling sessions. Pastor

is available to handle those needs, in which case, is strongly encouraged, if



Meetings are scheduled for the fourth Saturday of each month